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The Sims 2 is a simulation game, sequel to the successful PC game
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Yulian Rohmy

Yulian Rohmy Dear Users,
Unfortunately, the program can't be acquires as it was discontinued by the developer.

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Guest How to download this? Tell me, please.

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FliCk MeXz

FliCk MeXz Hello. I'm newbie. How can I get this game?

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Jamie Brown

Jamie Brown Sims is a game of my childhood. An unreal world where you can hide from the problems of your real life.

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Guest Really nice Indian natural voice!

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Earl The speed is fantastic, it works smoothly and it hasn`t gave me any problems so far.
All in all, excellent accelerator.

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Guest It is a good browser but it has many faults

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Guest best game i have ever played like grand theft auto san andreas

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Guest This game is good, but it crashes me too much... After 2 hours I hear a CLONK and my PC gets a blue screen. I really hate that, EVERTHING IS UNSAVED!!!

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Jillian hey! ive downloaded a sims 2 patch...but it wotn work actually...ive been searching for the version and i need guidance about it...pleas help me! please please please please!

hey anyway anna....

my computer is also a pentium 4 like yours, maybe you haven't copied the crack and paste it to the TSbin...

here are the steps about it...(for those who wants to play the sims 2 for the first time)

1. open widows explorer and go to the E; drive. then right click and click on the explore
2. the contents of the sims 2 CD/DVD will be shown(of course) you have to click on the "crack"
3. copy the crack.
4. go to your local drive(where you installed the sims 2 "program files") and fine EA games click on it
5. then go to TSbin or CSbin? just looke for the sims2 logo in those files and then paste it....
6. and there you go you can play sims 2...thats all....

smile -now get some beer! ahahaha!!...

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cameron best game EVER!!!!

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The HuNteR

The HuNteR very good

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anna i have sims 2 cd games..but my computer cant run comp is pentium 4 intel inside..y i cant run it..??coz other can install with their PC

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Pedro Henrique

Pedro Henrique Great program

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Guest I agree with this guy v v v

Lol. This is game is one of the best games I've played, I'm addicted to it. Lol. Sims 2 is only about 10-20 dollars now that sims 3 has come out... Buy it..

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